Can Healthcare IT leapfrog
Financial Services??

That's what Web 3.0 is all about...

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What if Enterprise applications
became socially aware?

Transforming Enterprises with SET Universal Platform

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Time for front-end fraud prevention

Only 5% of the overall 'fraud, abuse and improper payments' committed
are discovered with current efforts

Intelligent fraud prevention matters!

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Total compliance with PPACA* requirements for
provider screening and enrollment

With the only COTS solution that automates 455 Subpart E
requirements and delivers much more

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* - Patient Provider & Affordable Care Act

Once good, Not necessarily always good

Learn how Digital Harbor delivers unprecedented continuous
provider monitoring towards risk minimization and ACA compliance

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Smart and Collaborative
Provider Portal powered by
Social Forms

Transform the way providers enroll and manage their accounts

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Its not just about provider credentialing,
but on how well you KNOW YOUR PROVIDER

Gain comprehensive information and intelligence about
providers to support your decision

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What we do

Digital Harbor, a leader in the field of Fraud Prevention, offers the industry’s most advanced end-to-end operational intelligence suite for detection, investigation, assessment and monitoring of fraud. With its indigenous Social Enterprise Technology (SET) Universal Platform, a next-gen in-house platform, Digital Harbor brings in social media concepts into the mainstream business processes, thereby enabling seamless collaboration within and between the knowledge workers and all the relevant stakeholders. Digital Harbor transforms the enterprises from focusing on "better transactions" to "better decisions".

Proven in some of the largest US Financial Institutions and Government Intelligence agencies, Digital Harbor now focuses on U.S. healthcare segment. Digital Harbor is working with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to lead automation-based transformation in restructured federal contracts (MAC, ZPIC, RAC, MIC). Digital Harbor is the only COTS ECaM platform, being used in both Medicare and Medicaid contracts. Digital Harbor has already resulted in a cost saving of more than $500 million to its customers in the healthcare segment.

Our Solutions

Know Your Provider

Provider lifecycle management in compliance with ACA requirements for provider enrollment, screening and continuous monitoring.

Know Your

Know Your Audit

Prevents and detects fraud using audits. Provides compliance dashboard, claims analysis and an understanding of overpayments and recovery

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Know Your

Know Your Care-giver

Monitoring long term care employees, including their background screening and rap back for continuous workforce monitoring

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Know Your

Know Your Claim

Facilitates claims' review and adjudication. Includes predictive analytics to detect frauds early and take remediation actions.

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Know Your

What makes Digital Harbor different

What makes Digital Harbor different
Organizations employing knowledge workers have transformed the management of complex and unpredictable processes. Our intelligent software solutions allows our customers to maximize predictability and effectiveness and minimize risks, costs and delays associated with such processes.
- Rohit Agarwal
Meet the Team


  • We chose Digital Harbor because we were convinced that only they provided the complete solution required by us to unearth the risks associated with provider enrollment and management One of the largest Medicaid provider State on selecting the entire KYP suite of products
  • The most exciting thing I have ever seen since Mosaic Vinton Cerf, Father of Internet on PiiE technology
  • Using automated provider screening and monitoring solutions from Digital Harbor, not only we have reduced process times by 75%, but also found exceptions and taken actions which otherwise would have gone unnoticed South-east Medicaid provider state after using KYP Screening and Monitoring


Enterprise Case Management
Only offering which includes all the components required by knowledge workers to manage their complex processes and make well-informed decisions
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Predictive Analytics
Delivers intelligence in complex business operations helping knowledge workers know their risks better
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Application Portal
Allows organizations to integrate people, their information and communication as part of complex business processes
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