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Digital Harbor, a leader in Enterprise Innovation and pioneer in Conversational Applications, launched the most advanced provider management module for Medicaid, Know Your Provider (KYP 4.0), in MESC, a healthcare event at Baltimore, on 17th Aug 2017.

Digital Harbor drives modularity in Medicaid and healthcare enterprise systems through Know Your Provider - a front-end provider fraud prevention module and Know Your Member - an AI driven beneficiary management module. Amidst Medicaid’s unsuccessful attempts to modernize its MMIS systems for the last one decade, Digital Harbor has innovated a significantly more capable, technologically advanced, less risky and cost-effective solution based on smart modules concept.

Rohit Agarwal, the Innovator-in-Chief, Digital Harbor Inc., introduced a unique approach Reform the back-end but Replace the front-end for healthcare enterprise systems transformation. He presented the world’s first conversational application platform for the healthcare space called Social Enterprise Technology (S.E.T.), driven by Artificial Intelligence, and demonstrated its capabilities through KYP 4.0 module. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Agarwal said “Over the next decade, Medicaid would need to serve an increased number of beneficiaries with fewer providers and even fewer dollars amidst dynamic and increasing regulations. To accomplish this, it requires game-changing processes and technologies.”

Referring to the collaborative abilities of conversational applications, Mr. Agarwal said, “Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Social Analytics technologies, healthcare enterprise systems can become ‘Conversational’ with its users. Thereby, providers can enroll in weeks vs months using self-service portals and real-time screening technologies. Beneficiaries can be connected to services across benefits programs with 360-degree views, voice driven provider directories and personal health assistants. States can eliminate ineligible beneficiaries and providers through real-time monitoring and manage their programs through social dashboards.”

Chuck O’Brien, Director of Consulting, Digital Harbor Inc., said, “This release carries significance because the healthcare providers are struggling to enroll themselves with State Medicaid, with waiting times of up to 6 - 10 months and the enrollment analysts are struggling to comply with regulations, with tripling workloads.”

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