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Digital Harbor, a trusted partner of leading Health care organizations across the United States, participated in the NHCAA Anti-Fraud expo 2015, at San Diego, CA. Showcasing its innovation in Provider Life Cycle Management (KYP) and Fraudulent Claim Prevention (KYC), Digital Harbor representatives met around 75 visitors, in 3 days, who showed interest in its solutions.

KYP (Know Your Provider) and KYC (Know Your Claim) are part of, ‘Know Your Risk’ series, Digital Harbor’s health care innovation. ‘Know Your Risk’ solution series offers a complete suite of intelligence to the health care knowledge workers enabling them to quickly and effectively respond to complex variations in health care data, using its predictive analytics and seamless multi-source information aggregation capability, and to eventually make informed decisions. Today, this solution series serves the U.S. health care market focusing on fraud prevention and risk management.

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