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S.E.T. delivers conversational applications, a new class of applications that are human-literate, that empowers enterprises to collaborate and innovate at an unprecedented scale. These applications understand and evolve with users; guide users in throughout complex business processes and redefines the way users see their business applications.


  • Accounts receivables talking to business-users to plan your working capital?
  • Visa enrollment form eliciting required data and documents from the applicant and easing the whole anxiety of ‘how to fill the form’?
  • Non-compliant invoices coming to the screen and working with business-user for corrective actions?
  • Healthcare provider enrollment process identifying similar cases from the past and connecting business-users with the right expertise?

S.E.T. ties enterprise data, documents and conversations in a way that paves way for a converged enterprise, where all the stakeholders can actively derive and add value to the business ecosystem. It correlates business-user knowledge with enterprise data, delivers intelligence for the users at the right time, every time, and makes way for a #trulysocial enterprise.

S.E.T. is intuitive. It simply knows when the user is stuck. It provides unprecedented user-intimacy through Conversational UI. It familiarizes new users with timeframe-sensitive BI. Enables instant-connect with the right expertise in context-relevant environment. Enables users to share part of application and enforce elastic security. Proactively alerts users of potential risks by connecting the dots from thousands of disparate sources. Preempts risks that arise from inadequate insights and collaboration. Ensures compliance with workflows, business hierarchies, industry standards, and government regulations. Crowd-sources data from within the enterprise and identifies patterns from voluminous data. Continuously learns and evolves with users offering progressively more intelligent and timely assistance. And more...


You Enterprise Applications Can

  • Collaborate Enables instant-connect with the right expertise in context-relevant environment, enables you to share part of application and enforce elastic security. Paves way for #TrulySocial enterprise
  • Guide Provides unprecedented user-intimacy through Conversational UI, connecting the dots and familiarizing new users with timeframe-sensitive BI. Paves way for #TrulySocial enterprise
  • Alert Proactively alerts you of potential risks by connecting the dots from thousands of disparate sources. Preempts risks that arise from inadequate insights & collaboration. Paves way for #TrulySocial enterprise
  • Check Assists you in treading the dotted line with confidence; ensures compliance with workflows, business hierarchies, industry standards, and government mandates. Paves way for #TrulySocial enterprise
  • Interpret Crowd-sources data from with enterprise, identifies patterns from voluminous data, continuously learns and evolves you offering progressively more intelligent and timely assistance. Paves way for #TrulySocial enterprise
  • Social Form
  • Social Analytics
  • Social Case

Have a conversation with your form

Social Form is a next-gen business enablement design that is intended to cut-down complexities in filling intricate business application forms for the user, through intelligent conversations. Social Form talks to users and assists in completing complex forms, that sometimes run for hundreds of pages, with ease. It’s not just any other online form; It binds information, documents and stakeholders together. Social Form makes the entire process of complex form filling (such as visa applications, Medicaid Provider enrollment application forms, etc.) a fun-filled and interactive experience.

  • It guides the user not just in filling the application, but through the entire gamut of the complex business transaction
  • It interacts like user’s own buddy and connects the dots
  • It connects the user with all stakeholders in a jiffy
  • It enables just-in-time security based sharing of a part or the whole form
  • It brings about a huge transformation in the way complex business applications are being handled today

Make transactional decisions in real-time

Organizations have been reactive in using analytics to detect exceptions / fraudulent transactions after the occurrence of events, resulting in huge cost and effort towards recovery and remediation measures.

Social Analytics proactively assists knowledge workers / users in forming realistic opinion about the case-under-evaluation by detecting all the anomalies, by considering all the available cues and by recommending the next best possible course of action to achieve the desired result. Information accumulation & enrichment, Flags, comprehensive risk scores and proactive alerts are some of the features that make Social Analytics, the most pragmatic decision-support design.

  • Instant detection of anomalies
  • Built-in decision-analysis to identify most effective actions to reach desired result
  • Intelligent risk scores giving a comprehensive picture about the party / case under evaluation
  • Models that predict possibilities for anomalies / exceptions at a case-level
  • Next-gen dashboard offering highest level of customization at user and case level, aiding in quick research

Let your case connect the dots

Social Case is designed to capture and store disparate data (both structured and unstructured) pertaining to one or more party / incident / transaction, while enabling seamless collaboration between the user, the application and all the stakeholders, to chat, to share and to get expert insights about the case-under-evaluation; all this while capturing and linking tribal knowledge to enhance system intelligence, research and investigation within the workflow.

Social Case is especially relevant for those long duration complex transactions involving knowledge workers to review, investigate and track information within an end-to-end workflow. Social Case intelligently collates and provides the necessary data pool required for mining by Social Analytics.

Frequently asked

  • What makes any application Conversational?
  • We define any application as Conversational, when it assumes human ability in terms of interaction and relationship evolution. When conversation is infused in an application, it becomes Contextual, Social, Intelligent, Proactive, Empathetic and Human-like.

  • Who is Lucy?
  • Lucy is the human face of our Conversational Applications. It will make your interaction with computer (device) or application as close to human conversation as possible, replete with humor and empathy. Applications delivered by S.E.T. are naturally conversational (with or without LUCY).

  • This appears futuristic! Tell me about what’s already happening on ground?
  • An aspect of our Conversational Applications is already deployed in a healthcare provider scenario and its expectation-beating results are a testimony of our pragmatic innovation. Write to us to know more

  • Is SET like a Facebook for enterprises?
  • No, the ‘social’ in SET doesn’t imply social-media; here, we’ve only applied the concepts of social media such as transparency, fluidity, open-ecosystem and collaboration-friendly environment to the enterprise functions making it a lot more intuitive, interactive and interesting.

  • Does SET deliver applications like Siri or Alexa?
  • SET delivers Conversational Applications that are enterprise-centric in both scope and function, and hence the comparison cannot be made. Whereas most AI assistants are basically voice-assisted service with a primitive “record and retrieve” function meant for consumer market, Conversational Applications go beyond and are primed to provide contextual and proactive intelligence in the enterprise world. Thus, they are unique and cannot be classified among the AI bots already available in market; they belong to a class of their own.

  • What do you mean by Conversational Applications? Is it a chatbot?
  • No, Conversational Applications are different from chabots. By Conversational Applications, we’re looking at something far more advanced and user-intimate. Conversation is the new user experience, deeply embedded into the user interface. At every stage of human-computer (or device) interaction, the UI jumps out of the screen to converse with the users and become conversant with them over time. They learn and evolve with the user.

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