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About Speaker Mike Tingey | Director of Architecture and Customer Operations

Mike Tingey has an outstanding technical background and has been involved since the beginning of his professional career in creating productivity applications that have been used by tens of thousands of users.

His technical knowledge as well as his expertise in developing highly usable solutions for end-users has resulted in multiple product awards for his solutions. His roles include project manager, solutions and platform architect, technical expert, developer and GUI designer. His contributions to Digital Harbor products has been deep and significant. Mr. Tingey has contributed to over a dozen case investigation and management solutions for state Medicaid divisions, top tier banks, and ZPIC contractors.

30% of the Knowledge workers across industries think that their IT tools at work are much worse than those that they use at home. The existing enterprise applications aren’t intelligent enough and they don’t carry the social capabilities. They are stuck with the legacy frameworks. They give nightmares to business users. It remains a dream for several knowledge workers across industries to have an enterprise system that would eliminate process complexities, enable instant conversations, guide in decision making, talk to users and adapt to their needs.

  • What if the business application, that helps you collate and analyse information, itself turns social?
  • What if the application can have a conversation with the business user?
  • Can learn and adapt to the user’s needs; can guide the user when needed?
  • Talks to the users and get things done for them; can correlate the user’s knowledge and data together?
  • Helps the users in forming quick and constructive opinion?
  • Effortlessly assists the user in carrying out complex business transactions end-to-end?


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